Lunar Spirits

Van der Wortelkindertjes. Spring in the woods.

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Double Towers Double Crescents by Bernd Proschold

Conjunction of young crescent Moon and Venus in dusk. The pairing in this image also shows Venus as a small crescent.

When Venus is near to the orbital position between the Earth and Sun it appears as a crescent, large enough to resolve with a mid-sized binocular or a small telescope or to image with a telephoto lens.

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View from up the Vee in Tipperary, Ireland.

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Sophie Wilkins on Facebook


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fernsandmossvintage - I’m working on some new lockets! | which one is your favorite? They are adorned with dragonfly wings, lichen, moss, ferns, roses hydrangeas, wild flowers and babies breath. #etsy #fernsandmossvintage

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Nested doors connecting each of the patient rooms in one of the old tubercular wards at Mayview State Hospital, just outside of Pittsburgh, at sunrise. These doors would presumably allow greater airflow through the building, considered an important part of the treatment of tuberculosis. Unfortunately, most of this asylum campus was demolished within weeks of this photograph being taken.

Prints available here.

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If u aren’t following Grimes i don’t know what ur doing with ur time. 

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